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Getting that Big Magic

Last year my friend became a life coach and her mantra and strong belief is "love begins within", it's beautiful, truthful and something we all need to be doing. I struggle with this concept and November last year I asked her for any books she could recommend, with her recomendations I jumped online to Amazon and they all fall under that "self help" section that can be a little daunting and make you question yourself...do I really need this? I saw the cover and reviews for Big Magic and thought surely this can't be too daunting or too "new age", so I added it to my cart and two days later I was the proud owner of Big Magic.

I stopped reading after a few days I really wasn't digging it.

Last month I was looking at the cover and alll the pretty coulours so I picked it up again and I couldn't get enough...I was ready to believe in that Big Magic.

Elizabeth Gilbert gives you the courage to pursue your dreams and embrace your creativity regardless of your background, whether you have an Arts Degree, or even if someone else is doing what you want to because no one else is you and no one has done it your way with your flair on the topic/project you may want to create/write about and that's perfectly fine. Elizabeth Gilbert makes being creative less daunting, less pretentious realising you don't have to take yourself or "it" too seriously...lighten up and have fun or maybe dress up for the creation as you would going on a first date.

One of my favorite quotes in Big Magic is on page 150 where she writes about a blogger named Mark Manson and his secret to finding your life purpose. He asks himself "what's your favorite flavour of shit sandwich?"

I was taken aback by this, I had never heard that term before. But you know what? It's true, how much are you willing to put in, work hard for, put in those extra hours for to create something you truly belief in? Something you're passionate about? Will you just settle as it gets too hard? Or will you perserve and conitinue becasue it's what you love and enjoy doing? Not everything you see or do is always glamourous espically the behind the scenes side of things, the learning process and the creative process. If it's a new project it can be messy, hard, initimidating but you must move forward if you want to see your passions come to life and it will make you come to life. Even if you take it step by step, day by day, you will eventually get there...just don't give up!

Do you have that burning desire inside of you that won't go away? It may disappear for a month or two and then all of sudden there it is again...that feeling, those thoughts to create perhaps cards, jewllery, your own business, your own charity? Well that is because not expressing your creativity or your burning desires inside of you will lead you to be living with a constant thought of something is missing and you never will be truly happy no matter what stage in your life you are.

Elizabeteh Gilbert writes about the Gospel of Thomas "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don't bring forth what is within you, what you don't bring forth will destroy you."

This is that burning desire inside of you that you need to create, no one needs to see it (if you don't want them to), you just have to do it so you don't go mad, be unhappy and who knows what will come of it? You just have to do and go with the flow and see what happens, it may change your life completely, it may be the release you need, that time for yourself to get away from everything even if it's for a couples of hours a month, week, or day...it will make you feel so much better for it!

I loved Big Magic and feel inspired to create my burning deisires that don't seem to go away, to release my fear of what people will think of me, that they won't like what I write about, or what I enjoy creating but it doesn't matter as I enjoy it and it makes me happy doing it as long as I don't take it too seriously because that's when the Big Magic dies and I don't want that to happen...neither do you.


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