• Assunta French

What will you do in 2017?

It's that time of year, the beginning of a New Year. A time of New Year resolutions and "New Year New Me"BS that we tell ourselves every year.

Why do we make these New Year Resolutions every year? Yet a month or so into a New Year that gym membership is collecting dust, it's been lost or your using it to open an online order...or is that just me?

However, there is something positive and hopeful about a New Year. There is that sense of purpose, optimism, motivation and possibilities of something exciting happening as a New Year dawns upon us.

This New Year I spent it with good company and some pretty spectacular fireworks that defiantly lived up to the hype in the final hours of 2016. Then at 0:00am January 1st, 2107 the Big Ben bells rang and the first crack of fireworks and a wave of purpose and hope swept over me.

Instead of New Years Resolutions, I like to think that we should be striving to be the best version of ourselves everyday not just because it's a New Year but because we want to do it for ourselves to be the best version of ourselves and to grow. To reach our goals, to turn our ideas into a reality and make shit happen rather than talking about it or making excuses. Everyone has potential to live their dreams it's just a matter of making them happen.

So, as we start 2017 lets start with hope, purpose and optimism. To be the best version of ourselves on a daily basis, and strive not to be perfect but to better ourselves and make our dreams a reality and believe anything is possible because a lot can happen in a year...

Live long and prosper,

Assunta xo



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