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Face mapping - What is your body trying to tell you?

As my first beauty post I thought I would write and share something I loved when studying Beauty Therapy and love reading about and that would be facials and more specifically Face Mapping.

Personally I would take a facial over a massage any day (please do let me know if you feel the same way), there is nothing more relaxing than melting on that warm bed, with the thought of exfoliating your skin clean and then a heavenly mask whilst have having a blissful scalp massage, finishing off with those luxurious serums and moisturiser's...I'm about to go book an appointment now.

But before that heavenly mask or those luxurious serums are applied, you need your skin to be analysed to get maximum results and that glowing skin. Now how do we do this? Well, as a therapist we analysis the skin, talking with you through your facial concerns and what we can see such as pigmentation, dehydration, breakouts, acne, congestion, milia's, black heads (if you are anything like me all - there is nothing more satisfying then juicy blackheads) and the list goes on then of course we will explain how we are going to get you results during the treatment.

However, what some people may not know is that these concerns may have an underlying element and can be a trigger of what is happening inside the body and this is where Face Mapping comes into place. I'm sure you're seen those images of a face broken down into zones and each of these zones represent certain parts of the body, like reflexology.

Face Mapping dates back thousands of years to the Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic healing systems where practitioners would read the face of the individual as they believed they could interpret the health, fortune and energy of an individual.

Therefore, what people perceive as breakouts, congestion, acne, dryness, redness and even irritation just to name a few could be caused by underlying cause of digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, immune, circularity and even nervous system issues. It can be likely that something internally is going on that you may or may not notice and presents to you as your facial concerns.

Zone 1:

This first zone is the largest and is related to your digestive system. The digestive system is huge and is at the core of your body so if you are suffering issues and noticing some congestion on your forehead it could be worth getting it checked out as you maybe suffering from some food allergies that your digestive system is struggling with. I have personally found this out a couple of months ago and have started to notice a difference of not eating certain foods and have less congestion along my forehead.

Zone 2:

Zone 2 is located between your eyes and can be linked to the liver. It can be sign that you are not able to digest certain foods or drinks such as alcohol or again as I just have found out it could be lactose related.

Zone 3:

This area consists of the eyes and ears that represent your kidney's, so if your ears are feeling rather warm or red and your under eyes a little darker than normal (it can be genetic to have dark under eyes) it may good to uptake your water intake to help flush out your toxins and getting some extra sleep to support your kidneys.

Zone 4:

The cheeks are represent your lungs, so if you are suffering redness, broken capillaries, fine lines and congestion it could be a sign of exposure to pollution and need to add exercise to support the health of your lungs. As a side note talking on your phone and not changing your bed linen can cause break outs and excess congestion along your cheeks too.

Zone 5:

A "redish" nose or congestion can be sign of high blood pressure as the heart is represented here, so modifying your diet and reducing salt intake could be helpful. It can also be a sign of the early stages of rosacea.

Zone 6:

This is your jaw line and is associated with your ovaries, so breakouts and congestion leading up to, during and after your period is often common. If you notice constant congestion and breakouts it could be sign of hormonal imbalances and could be worth getting a check up at your local doctor.

Zone 7:

Your chin is located in this zone and can be associated with your hormones but also your small intestines. So a few things to look out here, if you constantly notice breakouts it's worth getting a check on your hormones and again could be related to food allergies or intolerances so modifying your diet and getting some testing could really benefit your health.

I do hope you have found this post interesting but please note this article is not to treat, or diagnose any diseases or any health issues and always seek a doctors medical advise in regards to any health issues you maybe suffering from.

Many thanks and please let me know what you thought below xx



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