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Monet's Garden

I love flowers and had seen so many photos of Monet's Garden that when I was in Paris earlier this year I was keen to explore the beautiful country side. This lead my friend and I to Giverny, we thought it would be simple enough and didn't realise that the trains only run on limited times both ways. After a leisurely breakfast we had to quickly head to Saint - Lazare to catch our train having said that we did have time for a stop at Sephora and lets be honest there is always time for Sephora!

So, Monet's Garden is located in Giverny, France about 45 minutes via train from Paris to Vernon. It's a rather lovely trip and very convenient (once you find the correct platform) from Saint - Lazare Station in Paris. Once you arrive in Vernon you can take a shuttle bus from the station, which is located on the right hand side when you exit the station and purchase your ticket on the bus which is roughly €10 for a return.

We happened to visit Monet's Garden the weekend it opened for the season, which is from March 24th - November 1st 2017, this meant it wasn't too busy and we didn't have to worry that we hadn't purchased tickets online and tickets were €10.20 per person for adults form the ticket area and gift store that is small cottage just in front of Monet's house.

When you first walk into Monet's house, it's so warm and inviting. You have access to see the living area filled with some of of Monet's favourite art work, a brightly coloured yellow kitchen and upstairs is where the bedroom is. There are lots of people exploring the house so it can get crowded however, you don't feel overly cramped and people move quite quickly which is nice ( I can be fairly impatient at times). The outside of Claude Monet's double story house is pink and green with flowers, climbers and shutters at the front and along the house with a sweet green chair.

From 1977 the house underwent extensive restoration from damages during World War II, with damages from bombings and general neglect over the years of war and has been open to the public since September 1980.

After exploring the house we went straight to the water garden. It was so beautiful you felt like you had walked into art work just like in Mary Poppins sadly minus the penguins! There are so many flowers and so much colour that you only feel cheerful and uplifted! Honestly, it's picture perfect (no pun intended).

After exploring we then went back to the main garden area to explore and appreciate, to have a seat and take all of the beauty in. We wandered down to have a spot of lunch, explore the little old town with its small and sweet shops before heading back to the shuttle bus and making our way back to Paris.

When exploring the little old town, there are areas to have a picnic on the open grass with a beautiful view either with a packed lunch or something from the restaurant and even some ice cream from the very convenient vendor.

My only disappointment visiting Monet's Garden was that it was early Spring therefore the flowers and lily pads weren't fully bloomed. However, it was still beautiful and stunning and was able to tick Monet's Garden of my bucket list, which I had wanted to do for some time. Also, if we had planned ourselves a little better we would have been able to organise a day trip as there are multiple day or half day tours to suit everyones interests.

I hope that one day soon you are able to visit this beautiful escape from reality that is Monet's Garden.

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