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Howlite I Healing properties

This beautiful and grounding mineral that is referred to as an "attunement stone" assists with the building blocks to spirituality.

Originally found back in 1868 near Nova Scotia, Canada by a gentleman called Henry How

(a chemist, geologist and mineralogist) is the namesake of Howlite! However, now days most Howlite is sourced mainly from California, USA with some Howlite been found in Turkey and Mexico.

Howlite is a porous mineral that looks a lot like marble although it is dyed in various colours its original form is a milky/ grey colour. The dyed versions tend to affect the natural benefits and energies of Howlite.

When Howlite is dyed in different colours it can be sometimes passed off as semi-precious stones such as Turquoise. When purchasing always make sure you read the description, if possible where it is sourced from and look over your beads to make sure you are getting the correct beads especially if your Turquoise is looking a bit too perfect it could more than likely be dyed Howlite.

Howlite is popular in jewellery making as it is rather beautiful and you can make beautiful pieces with it but as you'll read has some impressive healing benefits! (You can also choose to carry a small stone around with you in your pockets or even bag).

Physically Howlite can be used for balancing and absorbing calcium levels in the body which assists with the healthiness of bones and teeth.

Howlite is also known to combine the power of reasoning with observation and patience, helping you to have the motivation to reach your goals which can assist in reducing your doubt and insecurities.

As it is calming Howlite can also be used to eliminate pain, stress, rage, and anxiety. Instead of acting out of rudeness, Howlite can help with acting from a tactful, subtle, and gentler approach which is a healthier form of communication and how we should strive to live.

I don't know about you, but these sound like some very valuable benefits that can assist with our daily lives - in how we interact in our relationships, how we carry ourselves at work, and even our daily interactions.

To clean and take care of your Howlite, you can leave the stone/beads out at night or on a window ledge under the full moon to recharge or you can also gently clean with salty water to recharge its energy.

I hope you find this helpful and enjoyed reading and learning a little about this beautiful mineral.


Assunta x



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