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Month of Opal

Opals have to be one of the most unique gemstones in the world and have been treasured and used throughout history for many of it's healing properties.

As you know each month has its own birthstone. October just so happens to have two birthstones one being Opal along with pink tourmaline.

How the word Opal came to be is quite interesting as it was originally derived from the Sanskrit Upala, meaning "precious stone". Later the Ancient Greeks believed that the stone could protect from diseases and was named "Opallios", meaning "to see a change of colour", it has also been called "Opalus" (meaning the same as Opallios) from the Roman Empire.

The Opal first found in Australia was in 1877, with Opals first believed to be mined in North America, Latin America, and Kenya thousands of years ago. Nowadays Australia is the main source for mining both black and white opals. One of the major mining areas in Australia is called Cooper Pedy in Northern South Australia. This is a mining town and most of the people live underground with hotels, churches, and pubs being all underground. Opals are also mined in Mexico, the USA, and Latin America.

The Australian Aborigines understood the opal’s unique energy and beauty since The Dream Time. The name of the ‘Rainbow Serpent’ came from this unique gem and was described as “The Creator took the colours of the rainbow, and put them into stone to make opal”.

This is just a snippet of the stones very interesting history, it also has some very interesting benefits. For centuries the stone has been believed to promote security, the calmness of a restless mind, wearing the stone can also help you sleep better, ward off bad dreams and nightmares. This is so helpful for many people and also small children who have trouble going to sleep.

As the Opal displays so many colours in one stone (like a rainbow), they are able to be placed throughout the body on the main Chakra points which can help with balancing the energy within the body and would be very beneficial during a Reiki treatment.

This stone is also associated with passion, love, burning desires, and emotional support. It is furthermore one of the best stones to use towards protection and shielding from negative thoughts and energy.

Opals are available in a variety of colours ranging from white with flickers of colour, or of blue-green shades, there are also pink opals (so pretty) and black opals being the rarest of them all.

A little extra care is also needed when wearing an Opal as they are softer than most stones and can easily be scratched. Always be a little more mindful of how you treat this stone and take off for washing your hands and cleaning.

I hope you have enjoyed this piece and would love to hear your feedback on the Opal and if you have ever worn it and enjoyed its benefits.

Assunta xx

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