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Palo Santo

Whenever I have an order I burn palo santo over every order to cleanse the energy for its new owner, to ensure they get the most out of their jewellery. If you think this may sound a bit odd (I can understand if you do), please read this post about the benefits of palo santo and it's used.

So Let's begin...

The tree Bursera graveolens which in Spanish is known as palo santo translating to "holy stick" a wild native tree found and grown in Latin America along the coast such as Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, and El Salvador.

Palo santo has been used within the Indigenous cultures of Latin America for traditional healing and spiritual ceremonies dating back centuries, Shamans, Incas (Indigenous people of the Andes), and medicine healers are typical users of palo santo and use it for it's energising, healing, and air purifying properties to eliminate evil spirits and cleanse negative energy.

Some benefits of Palo Santo -

  • Clearing negative energy: Palo santo has a naturally high conent of resin so when it is burnt the wood is believed to have purifying properties, aides to clear negative energy and purify spaces, people, and objects.

  • It's calming: the burning scent of palo santo is so calming and relaxing which can help shift your energy and mood. The aroma of palo santo is woody mixed with pine and belongs to the frankincense family (some people also note a citrus scent). It's nice to use before meditation to clear the space and raise your vibration allowing for a deeper connection and concentration.

  • How to use: Use a match or lighter to light the palo santo stick, hold toward the flame for about 30 seconds, and then gently blow out. You may have to relight the stick a couple more time as it does not burn out as incense do. Move about your workspace, home, products wherever you feel like cleansing even over yourself if you are feeling sluggish or just not yourself. It's also great to use on a full moon or new moon to set an intention or any ritual you may have, and of course, charge your crystals.

As palo santo has become very popular in the western world we need to make sure it is being sourced and harvested ethically and collected from the naturally fallen or dead trees that have been like this for at least four years and just not cutting down live trees. This is to remain respectful of the culture and to make sure you get premium quality.

To ensure you are purchasing authentic and ethical palo santo, always check where it was sourced to ensure the sustainability of this majestic tree. If you can purchase from smaller shops that will and hopefully are helping the local farmers.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have used palo santo before and if you have, how you use it.


Assunta x

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